Posted by: Grant | November 21, 2011

The Now Pathetic Gore Acolyte

 This was James in 1988

He went on to put Al Gore crook in “An Inconvienient Truth” – a British court ruled A.I.Truth had 9 false claims which needed correction in schools ( ).

This is James in 2011

In the paper he directly and without equivocation ties the Moscow (2010) and Texas (2011) heat waves to climate change:-

“Thus there is no need to equivocate about the summer heat waves in Texas in 2011 and Moscow in 2010, which exceeded 3 sigma – it is nearly certain that they would not have occurred in the absence of global warming. If global warming is not slowed from its current pace, by mid-century 3 sigma events will be the new norm and 5 sigma events will be common.”


If you don’t find the claiming of only 2 heat waves as the result of a “rapid global warming” which clearly just isn’t happening, pathetic, then read this debunking.

Frozen in Time
Nov 16, 2011
Hansen’s ignore’s his long list of failed predictions – finds solace in heat waves
By Art Horn

” …Hansen is becoming more and more delusional. To say the there has been “rapid global warming of the past three decades” is clearly a fiction of his own mind. And even if it were true, it would say nothing about what is causing it. He has gone so far over the edge that he now believes his own manipulation of the data.  

As we have seen from the revelations of the Penn State affair, large institutions with massive amounts of money at stake are actually, in my opinion, more likely to be corrupted and “look the other way” when it comes to situations that could threaten the reputation of the institution and, in the end, their finacial status.  

The Goddard Intitute for Space (really?) Studies is one of those many institutions that can’t vary from the dogma of man made global warming. To do so would threaten not only the institution’s funding from the government but the careers of the funded individuals who feed at the government nipple…. “


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