Posted by: Grant | November 23, 2011

Abbott Notices The Now Muted IPCC Alarm

The Aussie leader of the opposition notices the new greenie party line – we may have exagerated a little but trust us it will get bad, eventually, ten, no, give it 30 years, for changes to appear and the end of the century to start getting really bad!

Abbott jumps on great unknown
by: Lauren Wilson
November 21, 201112:00AM

” …Greens leader Bob Brown said there was nothing in the report to indicate climate change was not happening and was going to have “catastrophic” and “haunting” consequences, but that the IPCC report was couched in “cautious language”.

Climate Institute chief executive John Connor agreed the report was “conservative and cautious”.

“It is quite clear that, rightly so, they are being quite careful in attributing particular events, but it has made clear that there is a link between extreme weather and global warming,” Mr Connor said…. “

And why are they being “conservative and cautious” and “careful”?

The UN IPCC cannot cite ANY science for the Causes-all-bad-weather-and-no-good-weather Theory because there is none – they just made it up as they went along – and despite astronomically huge increases in human CO2 output the world has stopped warming.

Waitng, waiting, waiting – Oh exalted Gaia show us a sign!

Does this mean that you are going to ditch your own not-quite-so-big price on carbon, Tony?

How about a Royal Commission into “the science”, surely it’s about time now Tony?


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