Posted by: Grant | November 23, 2011

Another Bjorn Lomborg On Their Hands

I have always despised Lomborg for accepting “The Science” while pushing the “but watta we gunna do about it?” argument, but I suppose it is valid. There is no praktical solution to climate alarm or we would have seen it by now.

Here is an article on the USA’s version of Lomborg. The Links in this article are a real goldmine for the student of “Climate”.

Robert Bryce Challenges Energy Statism (real energy for real people)
by Robert Bradley Jr. November 21, 2011

” …Today, Robert Bryce is the most erudite and influential energy journalist in America, with opinion-page editorials in publications ranging from the Wall Street Journal to the Huffington Post. Morphing into a bona fide energy scholar, Bryce has respect on both sides of the political aisle and is a reason why politically correct renewable energy is now encountering a hard relook by grass-root environmentalists and open-minded Leftists. And he has the Hard Left mad!  

Mad Dog Critics  

The energy/climate statists have realized that they have another Bjorn Lomborg on their hands. And so there are hit-and-run attacks against Bryce. One ploy is to seize upon small factual or interpretive matters and insinuate that Bryce is wrong about the big picture. The other is grotesque ad hominem argumentation.  

“The author of the op-ed is climate change denier and long time fossil fuel cheerleader Robert Bryce,” huffs Matt Wasson in the Huffington Post. Joe Romm at Climate Progress disses Bryce as being bought-and-paid for, a part of the vast Right Wing Conspiracy.  

Media Matters, a Left advocacy group, dismisses Bryce as follows:… “


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