Posted by: Grant | November 27, 2011

Stuff I Missed During The Week.

John Howard – Climate Agnostic
There you go Tony, you got the nod, Royal Commission time.

IPCC’s ‘folly’ writ large: John Howard
by: Graham Lloyd
November 24, 201112:00AM’s%20’folly’%20writ%20large%3A%20john%20howard&source=web&cd=2&sqi=2&ved=0CCUQFjAB&

“THE collapse of the Copenhagen summit and the global financial crisis highlighted the “folly” of any nation taking action on climate change that harmed its own comparative advantage, John Howard has warned.

In the foreword to a new report criticising the decision-making processes of the UN’s International Panel on Climate Change, the former prime minister said he remained “agnostic” on climate change and believed attempts to close down the debate were “disgraceful and must be resisted”.

The report, by Canadian academic Ross McKitrick and published by the London-based Global Warming Policy Foundation, found the IPCC’s scientific reports were compromised by entrenched bias and poor oversight…. “

What is Wrong with the Ipcc?
Proposals for a Radical Reform Ross McKitrick
Foreword by the Hon John Howard


What About Shemp?
Posted on November 19, 2011
by Steven Goddard

Curly – Permanent Drought In Australia Speaking to a packed house at the University of Western Australia last night, Professor Ross Garnaut said the drying of the South-West has been predicted by climate change scientists, and climate changes in the region are directly attributable to carbon levels in the atmosphere

Moe – Too Much Rain In Australia Causing Sea Level To Fall

Larry – 75 Metres Of Sea Level Rise “If you leave us at 450ppm for long enough it will probably melt all the ice – that’s a sea rise of 75 metres. What we have found is that the target we have all been aiming for is a disaster – a guaranteed disaster,” Hansen told the Guardian.

In summary, the permanent drought in Australia is producing too much rain, which is causing sea level to rapidly fall to catastrophically high levels.



  1. Hi Grant,
    I must say I do miss John Howard and he’s down to earth thinking, this once wonderful country of ours is slowing sinking deeper into an abyss. 😦

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