Posted by: Grant | November 29, 2011

See The Greenie Squirm

Squirm Greenie – Squirm

Very amusing to watch this LA Times Greenie and a couple of academics who should know better, try an explain away the facts that I used to ridicule the BBC pre-Durban effort 2 posts ago.
Fact 1 – The world’s GHG is water vapour – by far – 98%
Fact 2 – Water vapour, unlike carbon dioxide, is not almost saturated in its GHG effect.
Fact 3 – The water molecule is much more effective at blocking infrared re-radiation (the GHG effect) than the carbon dioxide molecule.
Fact 4 – a doubling of carbon dioxide only produces a very, very, small rise in temperature – you need an exotic, esoteric, computer model and a big ASSUMPTION to generate any climate alarm at all.

Greenspace Environmental news from California and beyond
Greenhouse gases, water vapor and you
November 18, 2011 |  9:33am

” ..This is true, water vapor is the major player in the greenhouse effect and is often omitted from reports and reporting about global warming -– mostly because it is more of a symptom than a cause in global climate change, and cannot be easily mitigated…. “

Ha Ha Ha very funny…

…it gets worse, how about this truly magnificent piece of obfuscation? – I’m going to have it framed!

” …Tom Boden, director of the U.S. Energy Department’s Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, acknowledges in an email: “Folks are right when they state water vapor is a powerful greenhouse gas and not routinely measured directly in the atmosphere. Atmospheric water vapor is difficult to measure, highly reactive, and variable in amount due to meteorological conditions (i.e., atmospheric water vapor is continuously being generated from evaporation and continuously removed by condensation).”… “

but, reader Roy W Rising is correct!

” …Reader Roy W. Rising of Valley Village writes: “Today’s report focuses on a bundle of gases that comprise a very small part of total of ‘greenhouse’ gases. It totally disregards the long-known fact that about 95% of all ‘greenhouse’ gases is WATER VAPOR! Spending billions of dollars to alter a few components of the 5% won’t affect the natural course of climate change.”… “

…and here, buried towards the end of all the obfuscation is the nub, the kernel, the basis, of the biggest, big LIE, in the history of mankind…

” …Increasing ghg’s [greenhouse gases] through warming will increase water vapor and that is a big positive feedback [meaning: the more greenhouse gases, the more water vapor, the higher the temperature]. But the root cause are ghg’s. So in talking about what is changing the climate, changes in water vapor are not a root cause.”… “

WRONG – the global temperature often rises all by itself and it NEVER produces a positive feedback from more water vapour. In fact the global temperature is remarkably stable and self regulating as far as water vapour is concerned – more heat produces more cloud and more cloud reflects incoming heat  and that cools the planet back down. (This is argued about, but the simple facts are the global temperature often rises by a degree or so quite quickly and that never produces a positive feedback from water vapour.)
Global water vapour is measured by satellites and it hardly varies.
There is NO science for this “causes more moisture” theory. They just made it up as they went along. It is an ASSUMPTION. An assumption which is factored into all their nice, pretty, glossy, climate models on which the whole global warming alarm is based.


BTW – you may notice a fundamental dichotomy in the above article where, in the first and second paragraphs I quote above they dismiss water vapour as irrelevant, and in the last paragraph I quote above where they rely on it as positive feedback. They simply cannot have it both ways.



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