Posted by: Grant | November 29, 2011

Will The Last Industry Please Turn Out The Lights?!

UK, EU, “Price on Carbon” Forces Industry Out.

The magical “alternatives” haven’t materialised and heavy industry can’t compete and can’t wait.

Is the 90yo Prince Consort the only one in the British “Establishment” who can see this?!

Emission Controls:The Exodus Begins
By Peter C. Glover
Posted on Nov. 23, 2011

“Rio Tinto Alcan is closing its Northumberland aluminium smelting plant in north-east England – a direct result of EU climate legislation…. “

” …But in 2013 the plant faces a profit-erasing rise of around £56 million to enable it to comply with a further tranche of European and UK carbon legislation…. “

” …“There will come a moment when people say enough is enough,” said Elliot, adding, “And there will only be one direction of travel – out of the UK.” … “

” …Dr Laura Cohen of the British Ceramic Confederation told BBC News that high energy costs augmented by anti-carbon costs has forced factory after factory in the pottery industry to close, with one firm recently relocating its operations to China…. “

” …taxes on their cement industries. He states that Cemex UK is already considering transferring operations to plants it runs abroad, especially Egypt. “I can see a time when it makes more sense to do that,” Spencer told the BBC… “

” …Steel giant Tata which employs 21,000 people has warned the British government … “



  1. HI Grant,
    The future for OZ under the carbon tax. 🙂

    • The smiley above should of been 😦

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