Posted by: Grant | November 30, 2011



Two Items sum it all up really

ONE – Claims that an unusual storm that hit Durban pre-conference, were a sign of doom!!! (have you been taking these people seriously?!)
UN Climate Head
Commences Durban With The Big Lie

TWO – 40,000 people registered for Copenhagen – 11,800 registered for Durban
More evidence of a dying global warming hoax: Attendance at Durban down 70% from attendance at Copenhagen?

Here are a couple of more intellectual repostes…

NOVEMBER 29, 2011.
The Great Global Warming Fizzle The climate religion fades in spasms of anger and twitches of boredom

Climate change ushers in a new age of superstition
The general prediction is that the COP-17 conference in Durban will not produce any binding agreement on reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Let’s hope this is true.
Published:2011/11/28 07:27:09 AM

And the tired old chesnut – the small island states – best the Reuters Greenies can do? – YAWN!

Small island states “may disappear if no climate deal”
By Agnieszka Flak
DURBAN | Mon Nov 28, 2011 12:33pm EST

Ah, Agnieszka, two little facts and one big FACT.
Fact – The globe stopped warming – over ten tears now.
Fact – The sea level stopped rising a few years ago.
FACT – These islands are coral atolls and coral can grow much, much, faster that the ice caps can melt. Coral Atolls “float” on the top of the ocean and rise and fall with it.
Do better Agnieszka.



  1. Hi Grant,
    I can’t believe they are bringing out the same old tiresome, “the islands are sinking” The Islands sank many, many years ago. 😆

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