Posted by: Grant | December 1, 2011

Aussie Climate Commissars’ Durban Effort.

Poor Tim, bit sad now, most Greenies have moved on to coal seam gas – Lateline – Senate CSG report damns miners

Climate change ‘disease threat’: commission
by: Lauren Wilson
November 30, 201112:00AM

“CLIMATE change could make mosquito-spread diseases such as dengue fever more “difficult to control” with outbreaks stretching halfway down the east coast of Australia. A report to be released today by Tim Flannery’s Climate Commission warns climate change poses one of the “most serious threats” to the health of Australians. Professor Flannery yesterday told The Australian the commission fast-tracked its research on the potential health effects of human-induced climate change because it was “one of the areas where the poorest understanding is”. The report predicts that increasing climate variability and temperature rises could lead to growths in bacteria, parasites and viruses that could affect food and water supplies, prompting a rise in cases of gastroenteritis by 205,00 cases a year…. “

And there “could” be fairies at the bottom of my garden too, Tim.

More interesting what Tim didn’t say.
Didn’t cite evidence of on-going global warming or sea level rise or ocean warming.
Didn’t address the now muted claims of the UN IPCC that Global-Warming/Climate-Change is an imminent threat, but is a much more long term problem – “trust us it will get bad – eventually”.
Didn’t address the total lack of evidence for the – Causes-all-the-bad-weather-theory in the new IPCC report.

Historically, the human race dies when it gets cold and prospers when it gets warm.  

How can we make rational decisions on “Climate Change” when we only get the bad effects, we never get the good effects, we need to balance the good effects with the bad effects and we only ever get the bad effects. Why is that I wonder?


  1. Hi Grant,
    Seriously scare tactics like these can make some “vulnerable” people do some really stupid things, I’m sure these idiots don’t think before they speak. Really telling people that they will most likely die from climate change, this religion is getting way out of control.

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