Posted by: Grant | December 1, 2011

Spot The Deliberate Mistake.

 This 9 page psuedo-intellectual bullcrap is an effort to discredit the fact that 32,000 U.S. scientists signed a petition saying that the UN IPCC claims of catastrophic global warming were grossly exagerated. (See petition here – )

The Debunking Handbook
Written by: John Cook, Global Change Institute, University of Queensland
Stephan Lewandowsky, School of Psychology, University of Western Australia First published in November 2011.
For more information, visit Cite as: Cook, J., Lewandowsky, S. (2011), The Debunking Handbook. St. Lucia, Australia: University of Queensland. November 5. ISBN 978-0-646-56812-6. []

This graphic sums their 9 pages of waffle.

Well, did you spot the deliberate mistake in their picture?

Yes, you got it,

before “Global Warming”, now “Climate Change”, came along there was no such thing as “Climate Science”.

The Earth’s climate changed very slowly and inevitably and was of mild academic interest in a few related areas of science. Very few academics specialised in global climate, there just wasn’t the interest or the funding.

Then along came the UN IPCC with a “scientists say” rapid warming from fossil fuel burning and suddenly there were thousands of “climate scientists”, all Greenies, and all owing their existance to the politically generated “Climate” alarm.

Then there is another little problem. The mistake the 32,000 petitioners made was to think that “Climate Change” was science. It is purely a political artifact.
The Nazis published a similar document to the above,  a collection of various criticisms of Einstein can be found in the book “Hundert Autoren gegen Einstein” (Hundred authors against Einstein), published in 1931. To which Einstein commented – “If I were wrong, it would only have taken one.”
The Nazis were lucky to have been overrun by the russians before the Atom Bomb was dropped on them.

Someone is actually counting the number of peer reviewed papers against the “Climate Change” alarm – they are up to 900 now – find them all here


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