Posted by: Grant | December 5, 2011

Regulate Me, Regulate Me and Regulate Me Summore.

Obama has dropped “Climate” openly for the election, but it’s full steam ahead behind the scenes.
What he cannot do in Congress he will do with regulation – he said it and he meant it.

The United States of EPA
Ms. Jackson’s agency takes over automobile design.

” …But the Obama administration made clear to automakers that their choice was between one crushing EPA-devised rule, or a national patchwork of crushing rules from California and acolyte states. They chose the federal poison.

House Republicans are pushing to return efficiency standards to the one regulator Congress has decreed: Nhtsa. They note that not only are California bureaucrats dictating federal policy, but the EPA has wasted $25 million to duplicate or demolish Nhtsa rules.

The EPA is seeking to impose, by fiat, greenhouse gas reductions that even a Democratic Congress rejected with the Waxman-Markey bill in 2009, and that would drive policy at least 13 years past this Administration. It’s all more than a tad authoritarian. Welcome to the Obama-Jackson Presidency.”


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