Posted by: Grant | December 10, 2011


Climate Change only failed for 3 reasons.

One, that the globe stopped warming and started cooling.

Two, “The Right” noticed that they were all Leftists.

Three, it is impossible to fix. There are simply no practical solutions to it. (nuclear power does work, but liquid fuels have no practical  alternative, hydro power needs good dam sites,  Solar and Wind need and lack practical energy storage on a megawatt scale). Technology can be developed, Science needs discovery.

NOBODY in the mass media EVER examined “The Science” in any detail at all.

GWPF New Report:
The BBC and Climate Change: A Triple Betrayal
Thursday, 08 December 2011 12:08 administrator

…His report, The BBC and Climate Change: A Triple Betrayal, shows that the BBC has not only failed in its professional duty to report fully and accurately: it has betrayed its own principles, in three respects:
First, it has betrayed its statutory obligation to be impartial, using the excuse that any dissent from the official orthodoxy was so insignificant that it should just be ignored or made to look ridiculous.
Second, it has betrayed the principles of responsible journalism, by allowing its coverage to become so one-sided that it has too often amounted to no more than propaganda.
Third, it has betrayed the fundamental principles of science, which relies on unrelenting scepticism towards any theory until it can be shown to provide a comprehensive explanation for the observed evidence.
“Above all, the BBC has been guilty of abusing the trust of its audience, and of all those compelled to pay for it. On one of the most important and far-reaching issues of our time, its coverage has been so tendentious that it has given its viewers a picture not just misleading but at times even fraudulent,” Christopher Booker said.  

In the foreword to the GWPF report, Sir Antony Jay writes:… “

PDF of report


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