Posted by: Grant | January 10, 2012

Embarrassing Innit?

It slowly dawns on “The Right” in the UK that they, along with millions of their countrymen, were duped by a leftist plot known as “Global Warming” then “Climate Change”.
Takes a while – it’s like doing a U-Turn in a supertanker.
“A remark he declines to confirm or deny” indeed.
The mother of all – the biggest, “Big Lie”, ever, in the history of mankind.

Dr Goebells would be proud of them.  

January 3, 2012 10:01 pm
Shift in green rhetoric damps sentiment
By Pilita Clark and Sylvia Pfeifer

” …To the relief of many of the country’s biggest manufacturers and industries, there has been a distinct shift in the government’s tone on green issues.
Even Steve Hilton, Mr Cameron’s chief policy adviser, and the man credited with coining the phrase “vote blue, go green”, appears to have had some serious second thoughts. Referring to global warming he reportedly told
( ) officials a few weeks ago “I’m not sure I believe in it”, a remark he declines to confirm or deny… “


Also here –


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