Posted by: Grant | January 15, 2012

Forbes Patronises Bitter, Disabused, Greenies.

This article gloats on the the angst and grief felt by devoted Greenies as it all falls apart on them.

Please, Global Warming Alarmists, Stop Denying Climate Change – And Science
James Taylor, Contributor
1/12/2012 @ 2:10PM |4,389 views

…Reading Peter Gleick’s January 5 blog post here at Forbes.com -,
I experienced that empathy in full force. Gleick’s global warming beliefs are misguided and unsupported by sound science, but I nevertheless empathize with his pain and frustration that few people seem to agree with him.
A person of thinner skin than me might be offended by Gleick’s frustration-induced rant, but I believe the best remedy is truth and understanding. Accordingly, I understand Gleick’s pain and I will present some truths that might ease Gleick’s anguish if he listens to them with an open heart and mind…. “



  1. Hi Grant,
    That was a very good article in Forbes (1st link of course) I thought it was a good read.
    I did click onto PG blog post, but I didn’t read very much of it.

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