Posted by: Grant | January 24, 2012

Why “Alternatives” Aren’t An Alternative

One reason is Energy Density –  solar, wind and biofuels would take up a very large part of the Earth’s remaining open space.

JANUARY 18, 2012, 6:28 P.M. ET.
By Robert Bryce
Small Is Beautiful—So Go Nuclear
As environmentally friendly as they sound, biofuels and wind power squander land and other resources.
(Pay walled – PDF here – )

…Assume you wanted to replace one-tenth of U.S. oil consumption with fuel derived from switch grass, a plant often mentioned during discussions of cellulosic ethanol. That would require cultivating some 37 million acres of land—an area roughly the size of Illinois—in nothing but switch grass… “

That’s 10 percent – You would very rapidly run out of space wouldn’t you – then there’s the huge risks of mono culture – then there’s the chemicals and genetic engineering needed for monocultures.

Greenies should be smiled at and patted on the head, but NEVER taken seriously!


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