Posted by: Grant | January 24, 2012

You Can Fool Some Of The People…

….all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

Nice to see the next generation rebel like we did! (Gen X and Gen Y are too busy with Facebook trivia on their personal communicators to worry)

This time it’s against the conservative, reactionary, Greenie Leftists! – How the worm turns!

From the Left Coast USA…

By Neela Banerjee, Washington Bureau
January 16, 2012
Climate change skepticism seeps into science classrooms
Some states have introduced education standards requiring teachers to defend the denial of man-made global warming. A national watchdog group says it will start monitoring classrooms.,0,2808837.story

” …Although scientific evidence increasingly shows that fossil fuel consumption has caused the climate to change rapidly, the issue has grown so politicized that skepticism of the broad scientific consensus has seeped into classrooms.

Texas and Louisiana have introduced education standards that require educators to teach climate change denial as a valid scientific position. South Dakota and Utah passed resolutions denying climate change. Tennessee and Oklahoma also have introduced legislation to give climate change skeptics a place in the classroom…. “

Just doesn’t enter those LA Times little Greenie reporter’s heads that this, perhaps maybe, is just another failed doomsday cult, trying to predict the future!

Note the claim – “has caused the climate to change rapidly” – not – “that the this is the result of carbon dioxide increasing the global temperature” as per the original fear – of course human CO2 is increasing almost exponentially and the climate is changing because “The Globe” has stopped warming and started cooling – DURH!!!


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