Posted by: Grant | February 9, 2012

Newcastle Council Disabused On S/Level Rise

Scientific research drowning in a sea of alarmism
February 07, 201212:00AM

” …And, fourth, that the Sydney tide gauge, as well as other long tidal records from nearby (Fremantle, Auckland) and overseas, exhibits a slowing rate of sea-level rise over the past 40 years.

All of which leads directly to the three following money questions. Why do Australian governments still draw their advice about sea-level change from the IPCC, a discredited international political agency that is now known to flout conventional scientific and peer-review procedures in favour of promulgating environmental activism?

Why have governments adopted the irrational policy of basing Australian sea-level planning on theoretical computer-generated projections of global sea-level change?

Last, why do Australian authorities ignore the solid base of empirical measurements, and the more than 100 years of peer-reviewed local and international research, that contradicts completely the alarmist views of the IPCC; and that also provides the accurate, site-specific records of local sea-level change that are the necessary basis for achieving sensible coastal policies in Australia?

The good folk who live around Lake Macquarie, and doubtless tens of thousands of other coastal residents upon whom new planning regulations are now impinging, deserve an explanation; and it needs to be a good one.”



  1. Hi Grant,
    It really is getting beyond a joke. Councils stopping people from building on their own land because the seas may rise in a couple of hundred years time.
    I read a few story’s awhile back, I think it was somewhere along the coast in Northern N.S.W. that the local council knocked back a permit for a couple
    that wanted to renovate, the councils excuse was because of sea level rises.

    It’s getting like we are no longer free to do anything because of this climate
    change crap.

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