Posted by: Grant | February 19, 2012

Despicable Desperation In ALP

It is highly amusing to watch Kevin 07 furiously manipulating the Mass Media, which, of course, is no longer the mass media.

NOBODY CARES, nobody is going to change their vote.

If she’s smart Julia will let him win, so he can loose, and she can stage a comeback after the massive election loss!

Re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic is a much laboured, but in this case, truly apt metaphor.

When was the last time you saw Bob Brown or Christine Milne actively peddling “Climate Change”? – The silence is deafening – a 5%, heavily compensated, reduction is nowhere near what they were demanding!

Australians just grind their teeth together in anger when they open their electricity bill and get told what their “Greenhouse Emissions” were – as if they should feel guilty and repent their sins and pay more and more to “save the planet” from their evil consumption – when Bob Brown and the Greens just blithely dropped the whole thing and moved on to other, more popular, issues.

Australia ratifies Kyoto Protocol
December 3, 2007

“Australia has ratified the Kyoto Protocol. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd signed the instrument of ratification of the Kyoto Protocol in his first act after being sworn in this morning…. “

” …He said the Federal Government would do everything in its power to help Australia meet its Kyoto obligations, including setting a target to reduce emissions by 60 per cent on 2000 levels by 2050. It also would establish a national emissions trading scheme by 2010 and set a 20 per cent target for renewable energy by 2020. “I will also lead the Australian delegation at the opening of the high level segment of the United Nations conference on climate change in Bali next week,” Mr Rudd said.  The Bali conference, which opened today, will set out a road map for the next round of action against climate change, starting when the current Kyoto targets expire in 2012…. “

Climate change conference opens in Bali
December 3, 2007

” …Nothing has ever been attempted on such a grand scale in the history of environmental policy and even diplomacy itself, say delegates girding themselves for the Bali marathon. “If you look at what the Bali negotiating roadmap is all about, it’s less to do with the environment and more to do with reshaping the world’s economy over the next few decades,” a European diplomat said…. “

” …Ahead of the Bali meeting, the Nobel-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned that damage to Earth’s weather systems this century would doom poor countries to worse hunger, water stress and damage from violent storms. Nearly a third of plant and animal species could be wiped out. Last Tuesday, the UN Development Program said warming was likely to breach 4 degrees and described the fate of vulnerable countries as being at a “tipping point”…. “

POSTCRIPT – Actually this was a positioning excercise that went horribly wrong. Kevin 07 just wanted to position himself as the heir apparent and shot himself in the foot.
What sophisticated media we have – NOT!
None of them saw that he had less than 30 votes, just as none of them ever studied Global Warming seriously.



  1. Hi Grant,
    You are so right, Bob Brown is very quiet these days, still some scare tactics out there in the media, but not much, this summer and last summer hasn’t had very many hot days in a lot of the states here in Australia. If it wasn’t going to cost everybody dearly you would laugh, but unfortunately a lot of Aussies how going to hit the wall when the carbon tax comes in. 😦

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