Posted by: Grant | March 10, 2012

Beware of Romney The Warmist.

This excellent American Spectator article gives a very good summary of the “Climate Change” fraud to date and then warns that Romney has several Warmists on-board and could even revive cap-n-trade.

His silence on “Climate” is inarguably deafening.

Special Report Romney’s Pending Sellout on Global Warming
By Peter Ferrara
on 3.7.12 @ 6:08AM
In the wake of Fakegate, conservatives should be very wary of giving him a pass on more than just Romneycare.

“ …No wonder highly active global warming skeptic James Taylor says that Romney’s people on global warming are as bad as Obama’s people.

Moreover, while Gingrich was the lead witness testifying against cap and trade in Congress, Romney has little to say on the issue, and no history of fighting against it. A central theme of the Gingrich campaign recently has been to emphasize the enormous store of American energy, especially fossil fuel oil and gas, that must be fully tapped without reservation, providing the foundation for another historic economic boom, which Gingrich projects would slash the price of gasoline below $2.50 a gallon. Romney responds by saying this theme is just pandering to gas price hysteria.

In addition, while Gingrich calls for replacing the Environmental Protection Agency entirely with a new Environmental Solutions Agency, with a pro-growth mandate of working with business to protect the environment while maximizing jobs and economic growth, Romney opposes abolishing or structurally changing the EPA.

The only hope for reviving cap and trade is for a newly elected Republican President to propose it, undercutting Congressional Republican opposition to it. Conservatives will rue allowing Romney a pass to the nomination if he turns out to be that guy.”

About the Author
Peter Ferrara is Senior Fellow at the Carleson Center for Public Policy, Director of Entitlement and Budget Policy for the Heartland Institute, and General Counsel of the American Civil Rights Union. He served in the White House Office of Policy Development under President Reagan, and as Associate Deputy Attorney General of the United States under the first President Bush. He is the author of America’s Ticking Bankruptcy Bomb, now available from HarperCollins.



  1. Hi Grant,
    That is the last thing America or the rest of us need is someone in power that wants more money from the people in the form of a cap and trade. There are millions out of work, and all they can think about is wanting more money, they should be discussing how they can get manufactures to open up new factories, creating jobs, not loosing more. When are we going to see the end to this Green Nightmare.

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