Posted by: Grant | March 12, 2012

A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry Not Killing Any Wildlife

 But it “May”.

Great Barrier Reef is at a crossroads, says UN mission
Nicky Phillips Science
March 7, 2012.

” …A United Nations mission has said a federal government assessment that coal seam gas developments would have minimal impact on the Great Barrier Reef “may be untrue”…. “

The GB Reef has of course be “endangered” for the last 40 years.
A whole, huge, research industry has arisen based on proving how endangered it is, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting…

Gullible young journalists reguarly are given the full VIP treatment in the pristine tropical paradise to be shown the latest “danger”.
This UN mission is just another manifestation of that old phenomena. YAWN!

Remember the Crown Of Thorns Starfish “threat to the reef” – that was a great little research money spinner for a while – the reef is still there and so is the Crown Of Thorns starfish!!


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