Posted by: Grant | March 12, 2012


START INVENTING! – Come on, you’re not inventing.

Or why Greenies should be smiled at, patted on the head, but NEVER taken seriously.

Billions and billions of dollars wasted on useless wind and solar technology which had not been properly developed.

We need energy storage for the energy revolution
by Staff Writers
Berlin, Germany (SPX)
Mar 09, 2012

” …Consumer demand almost never matches the power available from wind and solar energy sources at any given time. Until now, this problem has been limited because the energy output from fossil-fuelled power stations is quick and easy to adjust, enabling them to deliver more power at peak times.

However, given that over 30 percent of our grid power will soon be deriving from renewable sources this mechanism will no longer work. We will need to be in a position to balance out troughs in power generation, or peaks in electricity consumption, with energy storage facilities.

To effect this energy revolution here in Germany, we are in urgent need of energy storage facilities of this kind. It is my opinion that demand for these will emerge from 2025, and will rise steadily thereafter.

How can energy be stored?
Wagner: It is no simple task to store energy in the form of electricity…. “


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