Posted by: Grant | March 12, 2012

Not Taking Greeinies Seriously

Environmentalists in ‘fantasy land’, says Australia
by Staff Writers Sydney
(AFP) March 6, 2012

“Australian ministers on Tuesday said environmental activists were living in “fantasy land” after plans to disrupt the country’s coal export boom were revealed…. “

” …Trade Minister Craig Emerson said the concept was “recklessly irresponsible” while Treasurer Wayne Swan labelled the anti-coal movement “irrational” and “destructive”.

“The idea of flicking a switch from coal and other fossil fuels to renewable energy cannot be done,” said Emerson.

“We would have a global depression if we just said ‘that’s it, we’re out of coal, we are just going to move to renewable energy’ just because they believe that is good for the world.

“It would mean mass starvation and they ought to wake up to that, instead of living in a fantasy land and organising these sorts of campaigns.”… “


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