Posted by: Grant | March 17, 2012

Michael Mann Pops Up On Aussie “LateLine”

Flogging his book and propping up the upcoming introduction of the AUS Carbon Tax, with carefully scripted questions from the Leftist broadcaster.

A few little gems from it…

“EMMA  ALBERICI, PRESENTER: The Climate Commission’s latest report says global average temperatures have continued to rise over the last decade… “
What else would they say?!
Satellites have been accurately measuring the Earth’s temperature since 1979 – here is the latest data – – can you spot the rise over the last decade?

“EMMA  ALBERICI: Much of the modern debate around climate change can be traced back to your 1998 graph, what was known as “the hockey stick”. Now, that was made famous in Al Gore’s movie An Inconvenient Truth…. “
Fudged – Al Gore got it from the UN IPCC AR3 (or TAR) in 2001 where it featured prominently.

“MICHAEL MANN: Right, so, you know, all we could conclude with our work was that the recent warming was unusual in a long-term context. That alone doesn’t mean it’s due to us. It’s due to fossil fuel emissions and rising greenhouse gas concentrations. That conclusion has actually been established by taking models, theoretical models of the climate and subjecting them both to natural factors like volcanic eruptions and changes and the behaviour of the sun and the human factors of increasing greenhouse gas concentrations and what those more recent studies show is that you can’t explain that anomalous recent warming from natural factors. We can only explain it when we include the effect of humans on the climate.”
Here he admits that the whole “Climate Change” alarm is based on computer models.
The early computer models were proven wrong.
The computer models are forced to make assumptions about future conditions.
The computer models are fundamentally flawed because it is impossible to accurately predict what the Earth’s temperature will be without the alleged human influence.
It is true that “you can’t explain that anomalous recent warming from natural factors” because we do not know how the natural factors will affect the future climate – this is called sophistry.
It is also true that “ all we could conclude with our work was that the recent warming was unusual in a long-term context” but this is patently absurd.  A 0.8C degree rise in temperature over 100yrs is NOT unusual – it is trivial.

“MICHAEL MANN:  …But there was an interval of time about 1,000 years ago that was little warmer than the colder interval that we call the Little Ice Age which took place several centuries later…. “
This is what the big objection to his “Hockey Stick” graph was.
Here is the graph – can you pick out the Medieval Warm around 1000AD or the Little Ice age from the 16th to the 19th Centuries?

No? – Completely erased aren’t they?!!!
It is simply not good enough to obfuscate this – if the graph does not show the MWP and the LIA then how can it be used to conclude that “the recent warming was unusual in a long-term context” – it cannot. Then there is the scientific bankruptcy of using temperature thermometer data (red) in a graph of temperature proxy data – it is just not done.

“MICHAEL MANN:  …so-called business as usual, then what we see by the middle of this century – my colleague James Hanson has referred to as a scenario where the Earth will be a fundamentally different planet from the one that we grew up on,… “
James made a nice model (revised) of it so it must be true!
Ironically this could well be true.
It is a statistical fact, observed since Galileo invented the telescope, that when when sunspots were many the earth was warm and prosperous and when they were few the earth was cold and fraught – sunspots have recently disappeared again, leading to serious predictions of a new “Little Ice Age” – let’s just hope it’s not the big one!

You can of course Google Mr Mann and his infamous “Hockey Stick” if you want more info – it’s all over the internet.

POSTSCRIPT   Here is some of it, found in a “Spectator” article…

” …The problem with pegging such a rise to the evils of industrialisation had always been the Medieval Warm Period, during which global temperatures were warmer than in modern times. So the ‘hockey stick’ study dealt with that by simply managing to airbrush out the Medieval Warm Period and its subsequent corrective Little Ice Age altogether. Some seven centuries of global history were simply excised from the data — because an algorithm had been built into the computer programme which would have created a ‘hockey stick’ curve whatever data were fed into it.   This shoddy research was subsequently torn apart so comprehensively that it has been called the most discredited study in the history of science (and has been quietly dropped by the IPCC, leaving man-made global warming theory with no more substance than the grin on the face of the Cheshire Cat.
Go here,
and here
for a history of the titanic battle that ensued over its unmasking). The creator of this discredited ‘hockey stick’ curve was Michael Mann…. “

The above links contain all the science of it, but it would be a mistake to think that “Climate Change” has anything at all to do with real science – it never did.
Real science can be debated, argued and changed with proven evidence – Climate Changers, Micheal Mann, James Hansen, et. al., will brook no denial.



  1. Hi Grant,
    I’m sure the ABC is getting worse, if that is possible.

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