Posted by: Grant | March 24, 2012

My Vote

I had to vote in the Queensland election today.

If I lived in a marginal electorate I would have voted properly.

But I don’t, so I just wrote “Climate Change is fraud” and “No carbon Tax” on the ballot paper.

They all have a carbon tax – Labor Liberal and Greens.

A pox on all of them.

(BTW Anna and the ALP applied Politics 101 and cynically imposed all the bad things after the election assuming that the electorate were collectively stupid and would forget.
Didn’t work.
E.g. they have never been forgiven for the council amalgamations – Hervey Bay still do not want their Council in Maryborough, they want it in Hervey Bay – QLD is very decentralised like the USA and the UK and unlike NSW, VIC and the others.)



  1. is climate change really bull crap?

  2. yes Inimese – the biggest “BIG LIE” in the history of mankind. A fraud on a truly titanic scale. A doomsday cult which sucked in princes and prime ministers and presidents. They all so wanted to be Green – Nobody ever checked it objectively – amazing innit?

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