Posted by: Grant | April 3, 2012

Driftin’ Off Into Cloud Cuckoo Land

IPCC now too moderate for professional scaremongers
By Andrew Bolt–,
Saturday, March, 31, 2012,

What happened to “listen to the science”?

A GLOBAL lobby group has distributed a “spin sheet” encouraging its 300 member organisations to emphasise the link between climate change and extreme weather events, despite uncertainties acknowledged by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

An “action pack” distributed by Global Campaign for Climate Action said members “shouldn’t be afraid to make the connection”, despite the sometimes low level of confidence in the official documents of the IPCC. The action pack, which was produced to coincide with the release of the latest full IPCC report into the link between climate change and extreme weather events, rekindled claims that overstating the case damaged the credibility of the science…

The full report … presented a cautious appraisal and said it was unable to answer confidently whether climate was becoming more extreme.

But GCCA told its member organisations to “use the precautionary principle to argue that we must take potential risks seriously even if the science doesn’t offer high confidence”.

“Generally, all weather events are now connected to climate change, because we have altered the fundamental condition of the climate, that is, the background environment that gives rise to all weather,” the action plan said.

GCCA has about 300 members worldwide including Greenpeace, Oxfam, WWF, Environment America, the Union of Concerned Scientists, Amnesty International and Pew Environment Group.

What’s important to these extremists is not the evidence but the scare.



  1. It amazes me that depite the overwhelming bulk of scientific evidence,there are still dinosaurs who still dont get it…. we are stuffing the plane.t

  2. ozonegardens, the point is that there is, in fact, no such ‘evidence’ as you’d mention. ‘we’ are NOT ‘stuffing the plane.t’ at all…a (large, perhaps) minority (which you’d seem part of) like to believe a disaster is nigh…but such individuals have always existed and perhaps will always. Paranoia is not however justification for believing that CO2 is doing more than feeding photosynthesis.

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