Posted by: Grant | April 10, 2012

EU Airline Tax – FAIL

Asia now not takin’ no shi* from their former colonial masters.

France calls for retreat on airline pollution tax
by: Adam Sage
April 06, 20122:54PM

” …The plan to force airlines to buy pollution permits when flying in European airspace has been denounced as illegal by other capitals, notably Beijing, Delhi and Washington. The so-called coalition of the unwilling is pledging to retaliate unless Europe backtracks. Chinese and Indian airlines have been told by their governments to boycott the scheme…
…..China had shelved orders worth $US14 billion ($13.5 billion) because of the dispute…. “



  1. Hi Grant,
    I think that is just fantastic, and I hope a lot more countries start some sort of boycott over this as well, the whole thing is just ridiculous. We pay enough taxes as it is to fly without certain Governments wanting to tax the air we fly through as well.

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