Posted by: Grant | April 11, 2012

Carbon Tax You Know Or Carbon Tax You Don’t?

Which Carbon price will the Aussie voter go for?

The “Carbon Tax” from the Labor/Greens Government which is about to come in.

Or the Carbon “Penalties” which will be imposed by the Liberal Party if it gets into power?

Difficult Choice.

It is patently ridiculous to introduce a Carbon Tax to make extremely expensive “Alternatives” become viable but to then give so much compensation out that it costs nobody anything after all. Yeah Right!

But then it is also patently absurd to expect Companies to keep to their emissions down to “business as usual” levels as in… 

 “Businesses that undertake activity with an emissions level above their “business as usual” levels incur a financial penalty. The value of penalties will be on a sliding scale at levels commensurate with the size of their business and the extent to which they exceed their “business as usual”  levels”

 – as per the Liberal Party’s “Direct Action Plan”

It is also patently absurd to pay farmers to plough charcoal into their fields to “save the planet” – thank you to the Libs/Nats genius who thought that one up! (Mal?)

By the time they get to vote the Australians will have the choice between the Carbon Tax which was so watered down that it hasn’t hurt at all (YET!) or the Liberal Party’s “financial penalty” on business that cannot help but exceed their “business as usual” levels and must pass on the costs to the consumer who gets no compensation for it at all?


I’ve got an even better idea – Lets have a gasp-shock-horror Royal Commission into “The Science”, put the cleaners thru the ABC, and just call the whole thing off!



  1. Hi Grant,
    I noticed in the papers today that there are a lot of different people/company’s starting to complain about the carbon tax including the Salvation Army. I just kept reading and thinking it is a bit late to complain now the tax was past in as law last year, why on earth didn’t all these people come forward last year?

    There is a petition out if anyone is interested:

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