Posted by: Grant | April 16, 2012

Nature Mag. & The “Climate” Industry

Hundreds of thousands of scientists have found work in “saving the planet” from Global Warming/Climate Change, and “Nature” magazine has always promoted their cause.

Unfortunately for the mystic soothsayers it is now apparent that there was no cause for alarm.
The planet is doing just nicely.
The planet is regulating itself.
The Planet’s temperature responds as it always has, slowly stopped warming and slowly started cooling, oblivious to an almost exponential rise in human fossil fuel burning.
Oil has not “peaked”, natural gas has doubled with fraking, and we always did have hundreds of years of coal. (coal should have been white like polar bears or fur seal pups!)

I just hope that the inevitable backlash will not be too hard on real science and real scientists – we need science.

In the eyes of Nature, warming can’t be natural
By Christopher Booker
7:00PM BST 14 Apr 2012

” …One of the most vociferous cheerleaders in the cause has been the Nature, which calls itself “the world’s most prestigious weekly journal of science”. Whenever some landmark event in the story is approaching – such as a world climate conference or a new report by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) – Nature can be relied on to come up with a new paper purporting to refute one of the more embarrassing objections to the orthodox theory. However thoroughly such a paper is then dismantled by expert critics, it will remain established as a pillar of the orthodoxy…. “

” …In 1996, as the Kyoto treaty approached, it was… “

” …In 1998, Nature published…. “

” …In 2009, months before the Copenhagen conference… “

” …Now, a year ahead of the IPCC’s next major report, Nature has again provoked controversy with… “

” …Shakun had only used one CO2 data source – and he had mysteriously cut off his graph about 6,000 years ago. When the additional data was fed in, it clearly showed CO2 continuing to rise after this point, for thousands of years, at the same time as temperatures went into a long decline.
So once more the theory that a rising level of CO2 automatically leads to a warmer world – the central assumption on which the orthodoxy rests – has been demonstrated to be seriously awry.
As the respected US scientist Judith Curry put it last week, talking about another seemingly flawed paper published by the same journal: “Nature seems to be looking for headlines rather than promoting good science.”
It could serve as an epitaph for the way that journal has been promoting this cause for 20 years.
Whether, on the basis of so many curious manipulations of data, we should be happy to pay the biggest bill in history is another matter.”


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