Posted by: Grant | April 27, 2012

ABC Climate – To Little To Late

 The AUS ABC have let us down very badly on Global Warming, now Climate Change.

Their Charter requires them to balance their reporting on issues.

They are specifically required by their Act of Parliament not to take an editorial position on issues.

Instead they never questioned the long stream of “scientists say” reports which artificially pounded Global Warming into the conventional wisdom.

Then they sniggered and sneered at anyone who ever tried to debate the subject in any way at all.

Now, like all the doomsday cults before them, “Climate Change” is unravelling and the ABC are feeling very exposed. They have gone way over the top, taken a partisan position and they can hear the knives being sharpened for public broadcasting. The public want to know why they were spared the information. Why they never got it.

The public listen to news and current affairs for information, all the informatiom, not the filtered information.

 Last night’s effort
was a tokenistic defence of an untennable position.
Too little to late.
All it showed was the huge amount of dissent on the issue that we have been spared of by the ABC for our own good.

They were  always more balanced on Creationism than on Climate Change!

I think it is all summed up by the Maxine McKew story, she quit her job as an ABC reporter and stood as an ALP candidate and snatched a safe Liberal seat off a sitting Prime Minister in triumph only to loose it big at the next election.
Will the Australian Broadcasting Corporation itself loose it big at the next election?
Only got themselves to blame if they do – didn’t do their Job.




  1. Hi Grant,
    I couldn’t bring myself to watch the show on the ABC, sometimes that station just drives my mad with their one sided view.

    Sorry I hadn’t been around, but my computer decided it wanted to go to computer heaven, and I only picked up my new one yesterday, so I have been playing catch up with everyone. 🙂

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