Posted by: Grant | May 17, 2012

The AUS Climate Commission Falls Over.

More on the previous post on the latest stupid, over the top, inane, predictions of doom.

Climate Commission Fudges Hot Day Data
Posted by Jennifer, May 14th, 2012

” …But instead of reporting on the long term trend for Sydney as measured at Observatory Hill from 1890, Professor Flannery has chosen to just focus on Western Sydney and in particular use only the data for Parramatta North (see red line in chart). This data set begins in 1970, which was a low point in the hot days cycle. By choosing Parramatta and beginning in 1970, Professor Flannery can make the upward trend in hot days look dramatic… “

Even the Leftist AUS ABC finds it to much.

Professor Will Stephan, Climate Commissar, obviously wishes he was elsewhere – backed the loser of the century!

See the Greenie squirm – squirm Greenie squirm.

“well it’s important to say that this warning is after 2100”
“ah, and it’s also important to say that it’s at the upper end of the range in possible rises in sea level, so…”
” …We have to look to the long term future… “

” …We have to adapt to the unavoidable…”
” …We need to get emissions down as our part in a global effort… “
and it seems that the public have turned on him. Well I’m, like, truly shocked, dude!
” …My number one concern was the safety and well being of my staff… “

POSTSCRIPT – Removed from ABC – preserved on U-Tube



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