Posted by: Grant | May 27, 2012

From The Heartland Conference

It is a pity to me that it was “The Right” of politics that noticed that Global Warmists were all Leftists and the Rightists took all the running on the opposition to it.

The annual Heartland Conference in Chicago is crammed full of the latest science, but it is run by Rightists. Very rightists.

As Lord Monckton points out here, “The Left” no longer push “The Science” and “scientists say” reports because they are too easily mocked.
They have instead retreated to the “science is settled” and the “these people must be silenced to save the planet” position.

Come on, let’s have a few Leftists stand up and defend science like they should have done right from the start. We need science.

There is actually hours of very good science at Heartland – here is a link to the videos


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