Posted by: Grant | June 6, 2012

Takin No Sh*t From Greenies.

While Tony Abbott has his hands tied by Greenies in his own party, the new QLD Premier, with a huge new record magority, is not so constrained and lets fly at the hypocrisy.

The Euro-greenies masquerading as UNESCO, have tried to stop a Queensland mining project 300Kms inland by claiming it is threat to the G B Reef!!!

The federal Environment Minister, despite planning to do nothing to actually stop it, sits, begs and rolls over for the Greens and Cambell Newman lets him have it with both barrells.

” …LEIGH SALES: Given the almighty kicking that Queenslanders gave Labor in the state election, I’m wondering if that might mitigate against the Coalition federally. Might Queenslanders think, well, we’ve already punished Labor?

CAMPBELL NEWMAN: That’s not what people are saying to me, Leigh. People in this state are infuriated with the Labor Party. They’re infuriated with the Prime Minister who says one thing and does another. Only a few weeks ago I was at COAG in Canberra: the Prime Minister made a commitment to eliminate green tape. She told the business community that would happen. I’m really calling on the Prime Minister to rein in this rogue minister. Either she’s supporting what he’s doing, or she must be looking on in appalled silence. Either way, she actually has to state her position. Does she believe that the Galilee coal project should proceed with conditions, or does she really support – for Green political reasons – the actual blocking of these important resource projects for Queensland and the rest of the Australia. She needs to say what she stands for.

LEIGH SALES: But he has his departmental people meeting today with representatives from Alpha – why would he be doing that if he doesn’t have any intention of allowing the project go ahead?… “

POSTSCRIPT – Yes the Federal Environment Minister was on Sunday TV yesterday trying to trowel over this. He claims that dirty water from the construction of the railway line is a serious threat to the  344,400 square kilometres (133,000 sq mile) G. B. Reef.
Kept a straight face all the way thru it too – remarkable! 



  1. Hi Grant,
    Thank You for putting in the link to the video, I missed this one. It was a great interview I thought, and I personally feel Newman is doing a great job, and he has already saved the state so much money that was being wasted. I also like the way he turned this back onto Labor, if they don’t approve this, it is Labor that are stopping people from getting jobs. 🙂

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