Posted by: Grant | June 10, 2012

Feeling Cold Lately?

It is a statistical fact since they invented the telescope and started counting them, that when sunspots are few the Earth is cooler and when sunspots are many the earth is warmer.
There is actually a cycle to it.
The magnitude of the cycle varies.


POSTSCRIPT:-   The point of this – if you are new here – is that the “natural forcings” of Earth’s temperature, so glibly dismissed by the UN IPCC as to long term, and to slow, and to slight, to be taken into account when predicting Global Warming with computer models are NOT long term, are NOT slow and are of sufficient magnitude to not only be able to neutralise “Global Warming” but to actually cool the planet in the face of an almost exponential increase in human fossil fuel burning. If “natural forcings” can so readily counter “Global Warming” in the near future then the models are invalid because, of course we still cannot accurately predict these “natural forcings” – we have no accurate datum line for the “natural” global temperature. We do, however, now know, from the data, that “natural forcings” can easily and quickly neutralise human global warming (AGW) and thus invalidate the political alarm (CAGW) about “Climate Change”.


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