Posted by: Grant | June 11, 2012

The UK Disease.

Australia with its new carbon tax, does not “lead the world” in “setting an example” on “saving the planet” from “Climate Change” aka “Global Warming” which “may” start effecting us by the end of this century.

No, the UK is far ahead of us.

Do we REALLY want to go there?!!!

Half of Britons set to be in fuel poverty
7 June 2012 | By Julian Milnes

” …Nearly 23m already live in households where fuel accounts for more than a tenth of their income, with this summer’s anticipated price rises expected to push a further 7m people into the same category. managing director Sally Hill said: “What the government data does not reveal is the huge number of Britons who are already forced to spend more than a tenth of their income on gas and electricity bills.

“With that figure only set to rise, and with food bills and living expenses escalating too, most Britons are going to see their finances severely squeezed even further this winter…. “

Surely the RET is causing us enough damage already?!



  1. Hi Grant,
    Absolutely disgusting how Governments are allowed to get away with treating people of their country’s like this. None of this should of happened, and it is getting very bad her in Australia as well, already there are a lot of people that cannot pay their power bills, somebody, somewhere has got to put a stop to this green agenda, it is killing people.

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