Posted by: Grant | June 20, 2012

Aussie Journalism – FAIL

The aussie mass media went into meltdown yesterday when they realised that 1900 of their colleagues were for the chop.

Fairfax slashes 1,900 jobs and downsizes Age, Herald
Updated June 18, 2012 10:40:03

Overnight they realised that – NOBODY CARES!

“Global Warming”, now “Climate Change” is a prime example of why people don’t care.

Whatever you think of the subject, it is now undeniable that there is a very strong body of scientific opinion against the alarmist proponents and that that opposition is not new.
The simple fact is that, with the exception of Andrew Bolt,  Terry Mcann,  Robert Gottliebsenand,  and one or two others, the WHOLE mass media FAILED to give us the counter-arguments and instead got caught up in the mass hysteria themselves.

The public now just google their news.

The print media are just the first to go.

And as for bitching over Gina Rinehart, who started that!

Gina and Clive Palmer et. al., were quite happy to just be left alone to make money. Then they suddenly found themselves attacked by rabid Leftists and some desperate parliamentarians soon to get laid off themselves!


  1. Hi Grant,
    Oh you said that very well, and very true. 😀

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