Posted by: Grant | June 20, 2012

Charles, The Inept Greenie

Just when the Royals were on a high, Prince Charlie drifts off into cloud cuckoo land again.

17 June 2012 Last updated at 21:01 GMT
Rio+20: Prince Charles in climate change warning
The Prince of Wales has warned of the “catastrophic” consequences of inaction on issues such as climate change, at a UN sustainability conference in Brazil.

His mother, mummy, of course, is too smart to be sucked into it – she knows politics when she sees it.

His oldest son also gives it a big miss.

His father actually let it slip how much he hates wind turbines.

Wind farms are useless, says Duke of Edinburgh
The Duke of Edinburgh has made a fierce attack on wind farms, describing them as “absolutely useless”.
In a withering assault on the onshore wind turbine industry, the Duke said the farms were “a disgrace”.
He also criticised the industry’s reliance on subsidies from electricity customers, claimed wind farms would “never work” and accused people who support them of believing in a “fairy tale”…. “


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