Posted by: Grant | June 25, 2012

Doesn’t Matter Who You Vote For –

– You ALWAYS Get A Politician!!

Tony Abbott thinks he’s very smart.

He will go on supporting the RET, which is pushing up our power prices (the carbon tax hasn’t even started yet) so he can show how Green he is, and because voters are blaming the ALP for it!

Yeah – right!

In other words Abbott and the state Liberals are quite happy for us to continue to suffer horrendous power prices because they are benefiting politically from it – and then Abbott wonders why people get cynical and he cannot rise above Julia in the pop ratings!

Key Climate Change Policy Splits Coalition
By Vittorio Hernandez
June 20, 2012 3:24 PM EST

“Cracks are showing on the Coalition climate change stand as the party’s support for the 20 per cent Renewable Energy Target (RET) was questioned by backbenchers.
Senior backbenchers have blamed the RET for causing an 18 per cent increase in electricity prices in New South Wales and South Australia. Senator Ron Boswell pointed out that the RET would contribute more significantly to the aluminium industry than the carbon tax but the party had to admit that higher power cost associated with the RET would be a problem for the manufacturing industry.
However, Opposition leader Tony Abbott that the party must back the RET… “

At present only the National Party has any credibility at all on our power and fuel bills.  The Greens, the ALP, and the Liberals ALL support the RET (Renewal Energy Target) which is driving them Up, Up & Away.  They ALL have a “price on carbon”.

POSTSCRIPT – The real reason our power prices have gone up is not because they need to, it is because we have been brainwashed into expecting it!
That is too good an opportunity to miss for any politician, Labor or Liberal!
“Never stand between a state premier and a bucket of money” – PM Paul Keating, State Premiers’Conference, 31 October 1990


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