Posted by: Grant | June 27, 2012

QLD Greenies Not Happy – GOOD

In the aussie state of Queensland, those trendy (but useless) solar panels that you erected with a big government subsidy have gone from showing everyone how clever you are to showing everyone how stupidly gullible you are.

This Courier Mail Greenie starts frothing at the mouth about it – GOOD.

Energy Minister Mark McArdle announces changes to Solar Bonus Scheme despite election promise to maintain it
by: Robyn Ironside
June 26, 201212:00AM

” …Despite an election commitment to “maintain the Solar Bonus Scheme”, Energy Minister Mark McArdle yesterday announced changes which will see the rebate for new installations reduced from 44 cents per kW/h to just 8 cents per kW/h.
Although existing owners will retain the generous rebate until 2028, from July 10, anyone who sells their house with solar panels will lose the 44 cents per kW/h rebate and new owners will get the lower rate.
New installations of solar panels will also attract the much-reduced rebate, which will undergo “further review” by July 2014…. “

Our footy team’s a winner too – QUEENSLANDER! 


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