Posted by: Grant | June 28, 2012

Renewables – Ittid Be Nice If They Worked!

The Liberal Party and Tony Abbott support the RET and are happy for our power bills to continue to rise as long as the ALP are getting the blame for it.

The most annoying thing about “renewables” is that they do not work.

They just cost a huge amount of money and they DO – NOT – WORK.

  • They cannot provide base-load power.
  • They must be duplicated with backup fossil fuel power.
  • They cost so many times more than fossil fuel power generators that they can never be cost-competitive.
  • They have a wildly impractical energy density.

This article tackles the last point, that while a fossil fuel or nuclear power station occupys the area of a single farm, and sends its power to the city down a single row of pylons, the wind and solar farms, occupy hundreds of square kilometres and require expensive power grids all over the countryside.

The article just looks at the area demanded to supply the present world’s NEW energy demand, without duplicating the old, and without raising the standard of living in the Third World with much needed electrical power.

Even at its minimal, tokenistic, best – It still DOES NOT WORK – and YOU are paying for it, big-time!

Economists Without Calculators
Be wary of op-eds in the New York Times that tout an “environmental revolution.”
By Robert Bryce
June 27, 2012 4:00 A.M.

” …Let’s consider the extent of the energy sprawl if wind energy were to supply that 450 terawatt-hours per year of incremental electricity demand.

The power density of wind energy is roughly two watts per square meter, or about five megawatts per square mile. That means that by the end of 2011, the U.S. had covered a land area of about 9,400 square miles, just slightly smaller than the state of Maryland, with wind turbines. Therefore, to keep up with the growth in global electricity demand by using wind energy alone, the global wind industry will need to cover a land area of some 35,000 square miles — about the size of Indiana — with wind turbines. And it will have to do so every year from now through 2035.

That metric’s still hard to grasp, so let me put it another way: In order to merely keep up with the growth of global electricity use, the wind industry would have to cover 96 square miles every day with wind turbines. That’s an area about the size of four Manhattans.

Glib economists might suggest that such a feat could be achieved, but that ignores another key question: Where will we put all those turbines?… “


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