Posted by: Grant | July 2, 2012

Aussie Carbon Tax Fits & Starts.

The rest of the world, following the total failure of the RIO conference, just wants “Climate” to go away and leave them alone.

The Australian Labor/Green Government’s chief attack dog, Anthony Albanese, makes the point, pathetically bleating here…..
“what we do know is if the whole world acts – we need to stop dangerous climate change… ” ” …the whole world together, will act… “

Perhaps we should just wait for the “dangerous climate change” to appear Anthony?
Give us a sign O mighty Gaia.
Waiting, waiting, waiting….
Uh, Anthony, perhaps you didn’t notice, but Copenhagen was an embarrassment and Rio was a complete disaster. The world will NEVER act to curb carbon. The revolution has failed.
Nice try, but, Anthony. You could sell ice to eskimos.

As for the politics:-

The would-be PM, Tony Abbott, says here…
” …and when I say ‘there will be no carbon tax under a government I lead” Australians can be 100% certain that I will be telling the truth…. “

Yes, it will not be called a carbon tax, Tony.  It will be called a “Direct Action Plan”, but it will still be a “price-on-carbon” – see here –

 The Coalitions Direct Action Plan.
The spin – Page 2 – “While there are no cost-free approaches to reducing Australia’s CO2 emissions, direct action can be taken to reduce emissions and improve the environment without the onerous costs of a great big new tax. Our policy will cost $3.2 billion over 4 years, while the ETS costs $40.6 billion over the first four years. “ – Trust us our price-on-carbon is less than their price-on-carbon – uh huh – mmm.
The sting – Page 14 – “Businesses that undertake activity with an emissions level above their “business as usual levels” will incur a financial penalty. The value of penalties will be on a sliding scale at levels commensurate with the size of the business and the extent to which they exceed their “business as usual levels”. One man’s “financial penalty” is another man’s tax.
The waste – Page 26 – “Boosting Larger Scale renewable Energy Projects. A Coalition Government will create a band within the Renewable Energy Target to be reserved for larger renewable energy projects (over 50 megawatt) or for emerging technologies such as solar fields, geothermal projects or tidal and wave projects over 10 megawatt. The band to be reserved for these projects will be for up to 6000 gigawatt hours by 2020 and details will be determined with the Clean Energy Council and other representatives from the renewables sector. This will help provide a more appropriate balance with the RET scheme, addressing the uncertainty and providing a boost for larger renewable energy projects and for emerging technologies.” They boast about supporting the RET which forces us to pay for extremely expensive “renewable” power which is a demonstrated failure and a big driver of our astronomical power bills.

The PM is keeping quiet for now, but as she indicates here, Labor will launch a big counter-attack for the election based on the Liberal’s own “price on carbon” and their support of the RET.
” .. even if Tony Abbott ever becomes PM of this country, he won’t take carbon pricing away, he’ll… “ Note – “carbon pricing” – he’ll take the carbon tax away, but we’ll still have “carbon pricing” as in his “Direct Action Plan”, outlined above.

John Della Bosca, ex-NSWLabor minister, articulates it here –
” I guess what we can know is that both political parties have the same emission targets, therefore the kinds of imposts on the economy are going to be broadly similar… “


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