Posted by: Grant | July 6, 2012

The AUS/NZ Price-on-carbon Fizzle.

The aussie and kiwi “price(s) on carbon” have taken off  like a lead balloon.
Now the rush is on to neuter them as quickly as possible.
Seems the voter just does not want to pay a small fortune to save the planet after all.

Whodiv thunk it?

NZ delays timing of higher ETS costs
Mon, 02 Jul 2012 4:21p.m

“The Government has sided with advice from industry and farming lobbies, pushing out dates and levels at which New Zealand will face higher carbon
costs under the country’s emissions trading scheme.
Climate Change Minister Tim Groser says today’s decisions were akin to “maintaining the current speed limit” by changing none of the settings that
could increase costs to businesses and consumers, while pushing the inclusion of the agriculture sector in the ETS to an unidentified future date…. “


Are the Greens really back-pedalling on carbon?
Rob Burgess
Published 5 Jul 2012

” …At face value, reports in News Ltd –
the-table/story-fndttws1-1226417322929 – and Fairfax –
21hm2.html – papers suggest that Labor and the Greens have finally realised that voter dissatisfaction with the carbon tax leaves them, to use the most polite term possible, buggered…. “


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