Posted by: Grant | July 11, 2012

“Scientists Say” – More Money.

I was somewhat surprised to see a “scientists say” article pop up on ABC “Lateline” last night. Then I saw the word “conference” and the penny dropped.

The ABC climate Greenie, Conner Duffy, had been sent on a junket to a big climate conference in Cairns and having spent the money they had to publish his report. Somewhere.

Coral reefs face uncertain future: scientists

He uses the actual expression “scientists say” three times, but he paraphrases it four more times.
He uses the word “if” twice and the word “may” once.
He uses the word “likely” twice in the short item.

I wonder, why would he say this –
And they predict that without global action on climate change the future for the coral reefs is uncertain”
I mean, the Rio Conference fiasco pretty much knocked that on the head didn’t it!?
Simple, the Euro-greenies in the form of UNESCO are attacking the Australian coal industry and are trying to seize the GBR to add to Kakadu and the Franklin River and this is all part of that process.

Conner was joined in the mutual masturbation junket at his Cairns resort by this N.Y .Times Greenie –
How to Rescue the World’s Reefs?

And This BBC Greenie –
Scientists urge action for coral reef protection

Conner Duffy starts his report describing the reef as still a “spectacular underwater wilderness” and recently prof. Will Stephen of the AUS Climate Commission, pointed out that Climate Change was a very long term issue (end of the century, 2100) –
See previous item in this blog –
“…well it’s important to say that this warning is after 2100″
 “…ah, and it’s also important to say that it’s at the upper end of the range in possible rises in sea level, so…”
 “…We have to look to the long term future… “
 “…We have to adapt to the unavoidable…”
 “…We need to get emissions down as our part in a global effort… “

There is absolutely no, zero, zilch, nada, science for “ocean acidification”, which like the causes-all-the-bad-weather theory, they just made up as they went along.
They don’t even claim to have measured any actual “ocean acidity”.
Waiting, waiting, waiting…

If you want to see the real agenda see this excellent article.

UNESCO, butt out!
by Walter Starck June 22, 2012

One day the reef may actually be endangered and the “Reef” Greenies will have cried wolf once to often to do anything to save it.

POSTSCRIPT – More on The G. B. Reef Junket. Jennifer Marohasy Blog
Donna Laframboise on her tour down-under notices –


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