Posted by: Grant | July 17, 2012

Another Excellent Essay In Quadrant.

The title says “Carbon Tax”, but this excellent article goes around the politics and demolishes the whole premise of the tax – CAGW – catastrophic anthropogenic global warming. (“anthropogenic” is one of those esoteric academic buzz words which people use to pump up their own importance – just means human-caused).

The science is wrong – it is not science – it never was science – it’s all “scientists say” bullcrap.

Pointless Carbon Tax
by Cliff Ollier
July 10, 2012

Currently the world is in the grip of one those phenomena known as the Madness of Crowds.”

” …Ocean temperatures are more important than land temperatures because the ocean holds much more heat than atmosphere. Since 2004 the Argo observation system of 3000 buoys has been measuring the sea temperature. The machines go down as far as two kilometres and surface every ten days to send out their data, which show a cooling trend. Because we have data to great depths we know there is nowhere for the heat to be hiding. The global warming hypothesis requires a rise in temperature. The observed cooling trend shows it is not happening, so the hypothesis should be rejected. .
The greenhouse effect is real, but trivial. Water is the major greenhouse gas, about four to ten times more effective than CO2. We cannot give an absolute number because the amount of water vapour in the air varies a great deal. CO2 is minor (0.04%), and methane even less (0.001%) and very variable with no detectable effect on climate.   So how does the IPCC get a runaway greenhouse effect? They apply an enormous amount of compounding water vapour feedback to a small amount of heating from CO2. At their worst, the IPCC models take one degree of heating and turn it into 6.4 degrees.
Emphasis on the greenhouse effect stresses only radiation and leads to neglect of other factors, especially convection which uses lots of energy…. “


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