Posted by: Grant | July 17, 2012

Hurry Up – You’re Not Inventing!

The Australian Parliament thinks that it can snap its fingers and magically create new “renewables”.
Why were we were forced to pay billions for “Renewables” when they were unproven?
If the argument is to make the solar, wind and biofuels more competitive then we wasted an awful lot of money on them.
They were NEVER viable.
It is not just a matter of development – putting a man on the moon was just an up-scaling of the invention of the liquid fuel (V2) rocket – “renewables” that work just haven’t been invented yet.
“Renewables” that don’t work have been invented.
If the argument is to “encourage” development of new technology then this very interesting article – here –
GE’s molten salt battery offers lessons
Peter Coy
Updated 08:09 p.m., Friday, July 13, 2012
– on the 50 year development of a molten salt battery should disabuse our parliament of that whimsical notion!
I quote the Professor in the previous item in this blog –
” … (The fossil fuel) infrastructure—coal mines, oil and gas fields, refineries, pipelines, trains, trucks, tankers, filling stations, power plants, transformers, transmission and distribution lines, and hundreds of millions of gasoline, kerosene, diesel, and fuel oil engines—constitutes the costliest and most extensive set of installations, networks, and machines that the world has ever built, one that has taken generations and tens of trillions of dollars to put in place.
It is impossible to displace this supersystem in a decade or two—or five, for that matter. Replacing it with an equally extensive and reliable alternative based on renewable energy flows is a task that will require decades of expensive commitment. It is the work of generations of engineers… “
This is also why I call the UN IPCC and the Greens “revolutionaries”.
To advocate the rapid elimination of our intrinsic fossil fuel infrastructure in the absence of a demonstrated viable alternative involves the destruction of Western civilisation, the denial of Western civilisation to the Third World, and a lifetime’s wait for the new socialist Utopia to develop out of the ashes. (You may have noticed that they are all leftists – it is certainly not a right-wing Utopia!).
POSTSCRIPT – speaking of Utopia – the article seems to think that the battery has a molten NaCl electrolyte – I haven’t looked, but handling chlorine gas at 600C is very Utopian! Must be getting his salt confused there! 

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