Posted by: Grant | July 19, 2012

Proceed With The Revolution Anyway.

The IPCC Leftists at the UN attempted a global revolution with “Global Warming” now “Climate Change”.
They failed.
Copenhagen was an embarrassment and Rio +20 was a fiasco.
Undaunted, UNESCO are now claiming our AUS  G. B. Reef to add to their Franklin River and Kakadu prizes.
Now, UNCLOS, the almost unheard of UN-Council-for-the-Law-of-Of-the-Sea, 32 members strong, are seeking to dramatically increase their powers.
This retired US Vice Admiral, and the US Republican Party are having none of it.
Ratification of ‘Law of the Sea’ advances world government
By Vice Adm. Robert R. Monroe (Ret.)
07/16/12 11:33 AM ET
” …But if we ratify LOST, many aspects of our exploration, development, and production of these resources will be controlled by the bureaucracy established by this treaty.  And we will be required to pay LOST many billions, possibly trillions, of dollars in fees, royalties, and profit-sharing.
This Senate vote will determine our nation’s future: continued American sovereignty or subordination to global governance. The international authority created by LOST is virtually limitless, covering executive, legislative, and judicial functions. The treaty itself has 320 articles and six annexes. It creates: an International Seabed Authority with a Council, an Assembly, and a Secretariat; an Economic Planning Commission and a Legal and Technical Commission; the Enterprise, which governs those areas which – to us today – are international waters; and a Tribunal for the Law of the Sea and a Seabed Disputes Chamber as judicial bodies…. “
At one time I would have been sympathetic to the United Nations taking a more influential role, but then came the the UN IPCC attempt to destroy Western Civilisation by forcing non-alternative “Renewable” technologies which have all now failed.

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