Posted by: Grant | July 23, 2012

US EPA Backs Off.

 Just like other Greenies call methane a greenhouse gas when it is a ridiculous 0.000179% of our atmosphere and is just barely detectable, the US EPA (Environment Protection Agency) has taken protecting the environment to absurd lengths by detecting ridiculously small levels of mercury in coal fired power stations and using it to try and stop them. Their political masters have now baulked at the cost to themselves – extreme power bills and blackouts.

EPA to review mercury rule on new power plants
By Timothy Gardner
Fri Jul 20, 2012 5:44pm EDT

” …In agreeing to reconsider emissions standards for new power plants, the EPA is acknowledging that its standards are unachievable,” said Ken Anderson, the general manager of Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, a consumer-owned, power supplier. Tri-State and others had filed suit against the EPA for its mercury rule.

“The agency should now review the comments of industry and technology vendors and come back with a regulatory standard that has a proper time frame and is rooted in the realities of science and engineering.”… “

Is this the death of extreme Green?


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