Posted by: Grant | August 19, 2012

The “Emissions Accumulate” LIE

 Unlike the Causes-all-the-bad-weather theory, which they just made up as they went along, the claim that human “carbon emissions” will accumulate for hundreds of years does have some psuedo-science behind it. Fossil fuels do have an isotope signature, which is increasing. This is psuedo science because all it proves is that humans are pumping out a huge amount of carbon dioxide which is now appearing in the carbon cycle, not that it is accumulating for hundreds of years. In fact the amount of carbon dioxide in the air is very low, and plant life is now struggling to adapt. The biosphere is hungry for the gas, soaks it up greedily, and flourishes.

A new paper in Nature Magazine confirms this.

August 2, 2012
Earth’s Carbon Sink Still Strong and Growing

” …Together, the land and ocean carbon sinks have been pretty much keeping up with the increasing anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions. Consequently, the percentage of CO2 injected into the atmosphere from human activities that remains in the atmosphere has remained pretty much constant for the last 50 years—according to just-published research in the journal Nature—despite ever increasing anthropogenic CO2 emissions…. “

This AAAS Science Mag. greenie puts a desperate spin on it for their greenie readers, but confirms the result.

ScienceShot: Earth Keeps Sucking Up Greenhouse Gases
by Richard A. Kerr on 1 August 2012, 1:00 PM

” …Some researchers have in fact reported a worrying slowing of carbon dioxide uptake in some parts of the globe. But in a study published online today in Nature, a group finds that the planet’s carbon sinks are on the whole doing just fine. The researchers calculated how much carbon has been going into sinks (black line) by subtracting the amount remaining in the atmosphere (blue line) from the amount emitted (red line) over the past 50 years. During that time, global carbon uptake (a negative value here) doubled to 5.0 billion tons per year. That growing uptake by sinks kept pace with humans’ growing input so that about 55% of emissions continue to be removed from the atmosphere. That’s reassuring, the team reports, but it says nothing about the future vitality of the world’s carbon sinks…. “

“In the future” – waiting waiting waiting…

The original Nature Magazine Article –

Increase in observed net carbon dioxide uptake by land and oceans during the past 50 years
A. P. Ballantyne,C. B. Alden,J. B. Miller,P. P. Tans & J. W. C. White
Nature 488,70–72(02 August 2012)doi:10.1038/nature11299Received 06 October 2011 Accepted 06 June 2012 Published online 01 August 2012

Of course, the global GHG is water vapour, carbon dioxide is a very tiny trace gas and cannot increase the global temperature signifigantly at all unless you subscribe to the greenie claim that it will be amplified in its effect by an increase in the global humidity – they made models of it, (see UN IPCC) – computer models – waiting, waiting, waiting…


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