Posted by: Grant | August 22, 2012

See the Greenie Squirm

Squirm greenie squirm.

You can always tell when a politician is working the Spin – their eyelids flutter. The more they flutter, the more they squirm.

Then there’s statistics. The more they quote statistics, the less you can believe it!

Greg Hunt is responsible for the Coalition position on the Government’s price-on-carbon. The problem for Greggy, Turnbull, Hockey and others is that they accept the increasingly dubious science being pumped out by increasingly obvious leftist alarmists and they have their own price-on-carbon and they fully supported the RET which gave the greenlight to the whole electricity supply gravy train rorts.

Hunt can only say trust us, our carbon price is not as bad, and, yes, we do support the Alarmists, we do support the RET, it is pushing up power prices, but not as much as the carbon tax – trust us.
Yeah, right!
Not buying it Greggy!

UHLMANN  “isn’t it true to say that network infrastructure costs an renewable energy target are also adding their own fair share, in fact it’s higher, than the carbon tax?

HUNT   “Well, what the new south wales independent regulator found, in new south wales out of an eighteen percent price rise, the carbon tax is 9 percent, the renewable energy target is 0.3 percent…. ”

UHLMANN   “An’ you’re saying that there are gunna be no costs at all in your trying to reach a 5 percent cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020.”

HUNT    ” …what we are proposing is this. We will abolish the carbon tax and we will put in place a system of incentives of an ability to, uhm,….             ” ….wherever the lowest cost emissions reduction can be found that’s where we’ll go.”

UHLMANN  “but they all come at a cost, and they must all add to electricity prices, because… ”

HUNT   “With respect no, we’ve made budgeted commitments which are capped… ”

Pull the other one – it plays god save the queen!


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