Posted by: Grant | August 23, 2012

As Fossil Fuel Consumption Soars

Lies told about climate action: Flannery
Date August 21, 2012

“Professor Flannery said the report proved the world was moving. “We’ve been misled here in Australia by a couple of lies,” the environmentalist told AAP. “One is that the world isn’t acting and [the other is] what Australia does is not important.””

Sorry Timmy,  the world is NOT moving. 

Global fossil fuel consumption, after a slight GFC slowdown, continues to rise almost exponentially.

How can what Australia does be important when Kyoto has expired, Copenhagen was a dismal failure and the Rio +20 Conference was a farcical fiasco.

We now have a “price on carbon” which, while costing us dearly, relies on buying in carbon credits to achieve it’s trivial goal of a trivial 5% reduction in our “emissions” by 2020.

What Australia does IS important – it shows the world how to double your electricity price – FER NUTHIN!

See how much the world is “moving” on carbon dioxide Timmy –


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