Posted by: Grant | August 24, 2012

Arctic – NOT

Spurious Tidbits.

This is how catastrophic human-caused global warming – CAGW – was pounded into the conventional wisdom.

Thousands of little sensational “scientists say” tidbits which are NEVER challenged, NEVER disputed, balanced or even commented upon.

Arctic ice cap on course for record melt – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

” ….The previous record was set in 2007, when the ice cap shrank to 4.25 million square kilometres, stunning scientists who had not forecast such a drastic melt so soon…. “

“on course” – perhaps they should have waited for reality, I mean it is summer up there!! – and why havent we heard anything about arctic ice since 2007 then? Simple. It bounced back to set “records” the other way!

If you want to know why it is spurious, read this…

National Ice Center Shows 40% More Ice Than 2007
Posted on August 19, 2012

NOAA’s National Ice Center shows that there is a lot more ice now than the 2007 minimum.

Turquoise shows ice present in 2012 that was not present in September 2007. Red shows the opposite. As you can see, 40% of the current ice covered area would have to disappear to match the 2007 minimum.
cursnow_alaska.gif (512×512)
ims2007262_alaska.gif (512×512)
The Canadian Government also reports a lot more ice than what satellite microwave sensors are reporting. Record minimum claims? Complete BS, from the usual suspects…

and this….

Now Debuting: Climate Depot Arctic Fact Sheet – Get the latest peer-reviewed studies and analysis–Get-the-latest-peerreviewed-studies-and-analysis

and find some real scientific papers on it here…


The Arctic icecap is a few metres of ice floating on a kilometer-deep ocean surrounded buy land masses. It is very subject to the visisitudes of weather, wind and ocean currents. The Antarctic is a grounded kilometer-deep icecap resting on a few metres of water in a bowl surrounded by ocean.  It is NOT diminishing and neither is Greenland. The only icecaps that matter are NOT melting on a human scale, because the Globe is not warming! You need much, much, more warming to melt an ice cap. They do melt on the edges every year – it’s called summer! Antarctica and Greenland have melted very slowly since the last ice age ended thousands of years ago.
To claim albedo (reflective) effects from Arctic ice which gets so little insolation is just a laughable superstition made up as they went along (mid-winter it is not reflecting any sunlight  at all because it is dark all day!; mid-summer the sun is only just barely above the horizon). You cannot reflect heat when there is no heat to reflect! DURH!


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