Posted by: Grant | August 27, 2012

Same Old Same Old Routine

Just once I’d like to see a new Government NOT pull the tired old –

“we found the previous Government left us such a mess that we have to take drastic measures and we cannot keep our election promise”

– routine.

It may work with the young but I’ve seen it once too often in my life.

It just insults my intelligence.

Are they so incompetent that they didn’t realise how bad things actually were?

They had no idea how bad the economy really was?


Also BORING the jump-in-and-get-all-the-bad-stuff-done-early-in-our-term so we can soften them up later with sweeteners and bribes before the election.

Doesn’t matter who you vote for you ALWAYS get a politician.

Labor never recovered from the Council amalagamations, Campbell, – it still festers – and who’s brilliant idea was it to get rid of the Brisbane Trams and the Railway to Southport?

We expect people we elect to govern us to KNOW the true state of the economy, not to suddenly discover how bad it is!


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